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I clung to you hoping we'd both drown
We live amidst a violent storm; leaves us unsatisfied at best. So fill your heart with what's important and be done with all the rest.
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Cody Cobb
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Insane amount of notes on this. Throwback to Warped!
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I was chatting with a donor before I drew his blood, and he was a dentist. when I actually drew him, there was just a little squirt of blood and it surprised him

I looked him in they eye and told him “you’re bleeding because you don’t floss”

and he went dead silent

had the opportunity and fucking seized it

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Quite possible the greatest tweet ever written. 
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Dancer. 2012. 125 x 100 cm. Oil on canvas
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remember to walk barefoot every once in a while - personally that’s the thing I miss must about summer here in Scandinavia; walking barefoot all day long. Also, I am a big believer in Earthing (or grounding). Shorted down it is basically health and sunshine to your soul from the earth to your feet - amazing.

it’s also healthy. They found a chemical in dirt that made mice who ate it be able to solve problems faster. Of course we don’t need to eat it, but breathing it in and absorbing it through your skin works well :)
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18th century Indian dagger with sheath, made with steel, shark skin, jade, gold, ruby, emerald, sapphire and silver. In the collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.